Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Sitemap for Blogger To Index All Posts

Blogger has updated the sitemap facility. Instead of submitting, you can now submit This sitemap file will submit all the site posts instead of the 150 limit of the atom.xml file. Submitting sitemap to Google Webmasters is important for having your blog indexed by google.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Blogger MS Docx Footnotes Link Issues Solution

If you have tried to copy-paste a Microsoft document into your blogger post, you may have noticed that the footnotes of the document link to the local file on the computer drive: e.g. to file:///D:/Test.docx#_ftnref1. As a result, when someone clicks on the link, it returns an error.

1. After copy-pasting the text in Compose mode on blogger, turn to HTML mode.
2. Select all text, cut, paste it to Notepad.
3. Find the link text (e.g. file:///D:/Test.docx#_ftnref1) and copy till .docx (leave #ftnref.. as it is).
4. Hit CTRL+H to show Replace box and paste the link into the Find what box; leave the Replace with box blank.
5. Hit Replace All
6. Now, select all text again, copy it, and paste into the blogger box in the HTML mode.
7. Publish

NOTE: Never revert to Compose mode or else the links will reappear as (But, in case you have done and the links appear so, repeat the process of select-copy-paste to notepad and deleting all over again before pasting it back to blogger).
2. In the HTML mode, the link on the Text must look like this: a href="#_ftn1" name="_ftnref1" title="". The link on the Footnote must look like this: a href="#_ftnref1" name="_ftn1" title=""

This is a test text.[1]

[1] This is a test footnote

Monday, July 14, 2014

JPG to OCR Text (Free Tool)

If you have been wondering about a way in which you can just scan a document and convert it into editable text of languages other than English (especially the Asian ones), then there is a free online OCR tool available at

Screen 1

1. Scan the page you wish to convert to unicode text.
2. Go to
3. Upload your file by clicking "Choose File"
4. Select your language
5. Click Upload
6. Please wait as the file is processed and you're taken to the next page

Screen 2

1. You may crop the image here if needed.
2. Click on OCR
3. Please wait for the file to process

Screen 3

1. Scroll down to find the converted text
2. Copy the text and paste it into your text editor to manually correct any conversion errors

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Karaoke Tracks

Audio Files
Dil Ke Ye Sawale (Karaoke).mp38.3 MB
Friends (Karaoke).mp37.6 MB
Hosanna (Karaoke).mp36.0 MB
Jago Tum (Karaoke).mp34.6 MB
Live for Jesus (Karaoke).mp37.3 MB
Oo Ho Yeshu He Adbhut (Karaoke).mp37.1 MB
Poora Aaram (Karaoke).mp37.0 MB
Prabhu Tu Bana (Karaoke).mp34.6 MB
Tum Hath Do(Karaoke).mp35.1 MB
Vachan Se - Hath Apne- (Karaoke).mp38.7 MB
Vohi Yeshu Ka Naam (Karaoke).mp36.1 MB
Ye Bhi Hei Mera Yaar (Karaoke).mp33.0 MB
Yehi Meri Chah -Psalm 27 (Karaoke).mp311.1 MB
Yishu Ki Jai (Karaoke).mp35.2 MB

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Mp3 Music

Check Also LYRICS

Newer Songs

Mera Dil Jo Baat (Ps 73:25)4.4MB
Dhanyawad Ke Sath (Sari Mahima) Cover - G Scale Version7.0MB
Oh Ho Yeshu Hei Adbhut6.65 MB
Din ba Din Tag fur Tag7.7 MB
Har pal Har Vakt6.7 MB
Its a Song Holy Angels Cannot Sing4.4 MB
Jeevan Ke - Julie Daniel5.6 MB
Jitna Tujhe Dhoondun - Phebe & Domenic9.3 MB
Jitna-Domenic6.1 MB
Mila Mujhe Aisa Yaar- Vijayata2.7 MB
Sari Mahima Ke Yogya Tu (Cover)6.1 MB
The Greatest of All is LOVE-Domenic11.3 MB
Tujhko Miley Sari Mahima4.1 MB
Vachan Se4.2 MB
Yessu Mera Aur Mein Unade Rogan (Cover)6.2 MB

Audio FilesVBR MP3Ogg Vorbis
Aasra7.0 MB  3.4 MB  
Armane5.5 MB  2.3 MB  
Asar3.2 MB  1.4 MB  
Bas Tu7.1 MB  3.5 MB  
Chalte Chalte4.9 MB  2.3 MB  
Charo Taraf7.1 MB  3.8 MB  
Dil Ke Kuch Sawale Hein8.2 MB  2.3 MB  
Ek Tara5.6 MB  2.6 MB  
Friends7.3 MB  3.8 MB  
Hamare Liye Christmas4.2 MB  
Hathon Mein Lekar5.4 MB  2.5 MB  
Hosanna Sanna5.9 MB  1.6 MB  
Jago Tum2.3 MB  1.6 MB  
Live For Jesus7.2 MB  2.1 MB  
Mary Kya Pata- Domenic Marbaniang8.1 MB  
Mera Charvaha Shepherd of My Soul3.1 MB  
Miley Mujhe Aisa Yaar - Marbaniang5.2 MB  
Poora Aaram6.9 MB  2.0 MB  
Prabhu Tu Bana4.4 MB  2.1 MB  
Pure Passion - Vijayata5.6 MB  1.6 MB  
Sab Kuch Badal Gaya4.6 MB  2.2 MB  
Sap Bichu2.9 MB  1.3 MB  
Shudh Jalan De5.5 MB  
Tum Hath Do4.8 MB  2.3 MB  
Tum Khil Utho8.9 MB  
Usha Ke Kirane8.3 MB  
Vohi Yeshu Ka Naam6.0 MB  1.6 MB  
Ye Mera Pita Ka Jahan7.1 MB  2.0 MB  
Ye bhi Hein Mera Yaar2.8 MB  1.4 MB  
Yehi Meri Chah (Psalm 27) - Song5.9 MB  
YISHU KI JAI5.0 MB  1.4 MB  
Love is the Strongest Adhesive8.4 MB

Audio FilesVBR MP3
Shiftings6.1 MB
Doulos2.4 MB
Ek Tara (Instrumental)5.9 MB
Elohim (Acoustic)6.0 MB
Elohim (Instrumental)7.8 MB
Friends (instrumental)7.3 MB
Indian Colors2.7 MB
Jago Tum-Instrumental5.1 MB
Light Instrumental1.9 MB
Night Train4.7 MB
Yessu Mera6.7 MB
The Praying Man2.5 MB
Khushiyon Ka Din (Cover)5.7MB
School Mein (Random)4.7MB

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

New Hindi Christian Mp3s Download

Audio FilesVBR MP3Ogg Vorbis
Din ba Din (Das Privileg Cover)7.7 MB 2.1 MB 
Har Pal Har Vakt6.7 MB 1.8 MB 
Song Holy Angels Cannot Sing4.4 MB 2.0 MB 
Jeevan Ke Andheron May (Cover)5.6 MB 3.1 MB 
Jitna Tujhe Dhoondun (Phebe & Domenic)9.3 MB
Jitna Tujhe Dhoondun (The More I Seek Cover)6.1 MB 1.6 MB 
Miley Mujhe Aisa Yaar (First Prayer Cover)2.7 MB 1.4 MB 
Sari Mahima (Cover)6.1 MB 3.0 MB 
The Greatest is Love (1Cor 13) - English11.3 MB 3.6 MB 
The Praying Man - Instrumental2.5 MB 1.2 MB 
Tujhko Miley (Ngi Ai Shame Cover)4.1 MB 2.0 MB 
Vachan Se4.2 MB 2.2 MB 
Yessu Mera (Acoustic Guitar Solo) - Punjabi6.2 MB 3.1 MB 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Articles and Papers (Download)

Secularism and the Kingdom of Christ
(167.6 K)Religious Fundamentalism and Social Order
(123.9 K)Symbolic Logic
(117.5 K)Systems of Offences and Leaders of Change
(199.8 K)The Crime of Silence
(16.4 K)The Major Approaches to Religions
(203.0 K)Rational Epistemics of Divine Reality
(89.1 K)Psychology of Religion
(44.4 K)Mercy Seat
(44.3 K)Biblical Theology of Revelation
(30.8 K)Public Speaking
(65.3 K)Developing Patriotism in Children
(34.5 K)Plato on Parmenides
(82.1 K)Culture of Shame
(126.8 K)God is Not Silent
(28.6 K)Pentecostalism - A Historical Overview
(58.6 K)Kingdom of God and Secular World
(24.6 K)Philosophy of Religion
(21.1 K)Presenting Christ in a Relevant Way
(280.2 K)Vikaswad - Hindi Article on Evolutionism
(398.3 K)Ur of Chaldees - Hindi
(227.4 K)Faith of God
(41.4 K)Zero Reinterpreted (Hebrews 11)
(140.5 K)The Holy Spirit
(66.0 K)The God Who is Not Silent
(11.2 K)Christian and Medicines
(236.7 K)Theology of Clothing
(29.5 K)Viewing Religions Philosophically
(44.8 K)Magic and Religion - Epistemology
(15.4 K)Mission Approaches to Other Religions
(80.4 K)Dealing with Rejection the Jesus Way
(78.9 K)Dealing with Frustration the Jesus Way
(14.8 K)Democracy and Ethics
(169.7 K)Defending God?
(47.1 K)Problems in Hick's Model of Religious Pluralism
(79.0 K)Emotional Hardening and Justice
(132.1 K)Dealing with Denial
(74.5 K)Conflict Resolution in Interfaith Dialogues
(10.5 K)Breaking the Barriers of Mission
(81.0 K)Biblical Instructions for Family
(24.0 K)Beyond the Shadows
(23.0 K)Christ, Truth, and Politics
(93.7 K)Concepts and Dimensions of Conversion
(69.3 K)Estrangement and Belongedness in Christ's Ultimate Sacrifice
(107.2 K)Feasts of Israel
(51.1 K)Inter-personal Relationships-Bible
(259.6 K)Humanity and Divinity of Jesus
(398.5 K)The Just Shall Live by Faith - Homily
(132.4 K)Khasi Vocabulary
(154.1 K)Lord's Supper
(25.0 K)Idolatry
(117.3 K)Humanity and Divinity of Christ
(48.3 K)God cannot be doubted
(196.2 K)Feasts of Israel - Significance
(68.8 K)History of Conversions in India
(150.8 K)Epistemic Problems in Hick's Model of Religious Diversity
(32.4 K)How do you deal with your brother?
(15.8 K